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Located in Shanghai, China, since 2013, Bujinkan Shanghai Dojo teaches the ancient art of Ninjutsu, the way of the Ninja. This is an original combat art, not the juvenile fluff portrayed on television and in the movies.  It is a potent form of self-defense emphasizing balance, fluidity of movement, and an intimate knowledge of the human body's weak points. 

Ninjutsu can be learned by anyone, and can be practiced by people of all ages and physical condition. This is possible because Ninjutsu is the result of a thousand years of combat veterans teaching others the skills necessary for survival. If the techniques didn't work, people died. Any art that is dependent on youth, speed, and strength is doomed to fail as you grow older. If you are looking for something to enable you to survive almost anything, then this art may be the one you've been searching for. 

Bujinkan Shanghai Dojo was founded in 2013 by Caesar Martin.He is a 6th Dan, who has studied ninjustsu for 35 years. He has traveled to Japan and studies regularly with Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.

All our classes are taught by qualified Black Belts. Their goal is to provide students with a solid grounding in the Bujinkan system of Ninjutsu. 


【CLASS AGE】:   Kids Class(5-11 years old),  Teens Class (12-17 years old), Adult Class (18 years old above.)

【CLASS TYPE】:  Group Class,   1 on 1 class,    Full Time Professional Ninja Class.


      欢迎光临武神馆中国上海唯一授权道场,由中国首位忍者,武神馆宗师初见良昭忍术弟子,忍术黑带六段,并有35年忍术经验的Caesar Martin先生亲自执教。武神馆是世界上最大的忍术培训组织,忍者的称呼就是由此机构而来。这个机构所教授的技术被称为武神馆体术,其包括9个独立的传统忍术训练体系(户隐流、云隐流、玉心流等)当今的忍术就是此9种体术的集合。我们所教授的是徒手格斗以及各种武器的格斗防身技术,这些技术来自于9世纪和15世纪之间的古代日本。忍术除了有效防身之外,还能健身健体,开发出人体自然力量和觉察力。忍术的技术不是单纯的肢体运动,而是为了适应环境、个人的能力和个性而产生的技术动作。这些技术可以让练习者的自身创造出适合 自己身体的各种动作。武神馆是由初见良召先生为总裁,世界各个国家都有道场的国际武术运动。





【课程年龄】: 成人班(18岁及以上),  少儿班(6岁及以上)

【课程类型】: 集体课、1对1私教、 全日制专业忍者班。

Tel:021-39217175, 13916767774  Mr.Gao   Add: Pioneer Fitness Club, in Ming Yuan Xiao An Qiao Apartment.No.1698, West Zhong Shan Rd.

(Near Yi Shan  Rd, Subway Line 3/4/9, Yi Shan Rd Station)



预约咨询电话:021-39217175, 13916767774  高老师

地址:中山西路1698弄名园小安桥小区内贝尼尔健身会所( 近宜山路, 地铁3/4/9号线宜山路站)









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